Types of Membership

Regular Membership

Requirements five years after affiliate cases shown:

  1. Case reports
    1. (Options 1) – Ten case reports (ABO format) reviewed with sponsor and presented at a meeting
    2. (Option 2) – Six beginning case reports (ABO format), presented annually and completed over three years maximum
  2. Oral reports
    1. (Option 1) – 20-minute case report on one of the above ten cases
    2. (Option 2) – 20-minute report on a paper for publication
  3. Written reports
    1. (Option 1) – Write-up of oral case report, Angle journal format
    2. (Option 2) – Original research or clinical paper suitable for publication

Affiliate Membership


  1. Complete membership application and select one sponsor from regular membership
  2. Review two case presentations with sponsor and present these two case reports (ABO format) at one of the scheduled meetings (member meeting preferred, but any meeting is acceptable)

Senior Active or Senior Retired Member

See Member Chairman


American Association of Orthodontics American Board of Orthodontics Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Ehaso the Angle Society