How to Join

Requirements for Candidate for Regular Membership

In addition to complying with conditions set forth in Section Three of the Constitution of the Component, the applicant must complete requirements in the three following categories for regular membership in the Angle Society:

  • Category One – Case reports
    1. (Option 1) – Ten completed orthodontic cases, treated exclusively by the candidate and presented to the membership (see guidelines for case presentations under requirements for affiliate membership, ABO format preferred). These cases must be reviewed by the candidate’s sponsor prior to presentation. ABO cases are acceptable.
    2. (Option 2) – Six beginning case reports (similar format as above), with progress records presented annually and completed over three years, maximum.
  • Category Two – Oral reports
    1. (Option 1) – 20-minute case report on one of the above ten cases presented to the membership
    2. (Option 2) – 20-minute report on paper for publication (this can include any recent or past publication, or a write-up for publication of master’s thesis
  • Category Three – Written Reports
    1. (Option 1) – Write-up of oral case report suitable for publication in The Angle Orthodontist (Angle journal format)
    2. (Option 2) – Original research or clinical paper suitable for publication
  • Once accepted as a regular member, annual membership dues are required.

Requirement for Candidate for Affiliate Membership

  • After completing an application for membership and obtaining a sponsor from the regular membership, the applicant is required to present two completed orthodontic cases, treated exclusively by the candidate, and reviewed by the sponsor prior to display.
  • Case report displays are to be as follows: Minimal records consisting of study models, intraoral X-rays, cephalometric X-rays and tracings, left profile and frontal photographs 1/4 scale, and intraoral photographs taken:
    1. Prior to treatment
    2. At the conclusion of active treatment (cephalometric tracings should also include beginning and final superimpositions on SN at S, maxillae, and mandible)
  • Each case should be accompanied by a written account, placed in a suitable binder, and prepared in accordance with the following:
    1. Name of orthodontist
    2. Title case identification number, name, and age
    3. Diagnosis nature and extent of anomalies
    4. History and general clinical picture
    5. Etiology attributed causes
    6. Plan of treatment general plan, appliances used, etc.
    7. Progress of the case
    8. Retention appliances, length of time, etc.
    9. Observation and conclusions
  • On the designated day the case, presentations should be displayed by 8:00 A.M. and left out during the entire day. This will give the examining committee an opportunity to go over the cases. The applicant is asked to leave after the display is arranged, since a member of the examining committee will review the cases with the applicant later in the day. Please confirm your date and time of presentation with the Program Chairman and your sponsor.
  • Once accepted as an affiliate, the individual will have five years to complete requirements for regular membership. Annual dues are required for affiliate membership.
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