Bylaws & Policies

Duties and Privileges of Members

  1. It shall be the duty of each member to subscribe to the principles of membership as set forth in the articles of incorporation, preamble, and bylaws; to uphold the honor and dignity of this Society; to discharge his/her duties, both professionally and personally, in a manner as to bring no reproach upon such member, the Society, or his/her profession.
  2. Each member shall be expected to attend all meetings of the Society and otherwise support them and shall contribute to the program of such meetings according to his/her ability.
  3. Members at large may receive special consideration relative to attendance requirements because of geographic remoteness.
  4. Any member of the Society whose conduct may be detrimental to the advancement of orthodontics or to the best interests of the Society or fails to comply with the articles of incorporation or bylaws shall be subject to the disciplinary procedures that are set forth in these bylaws.
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